Aneesha Vadde

Undergraduate Researcher

Hi! I'm Aneesha, a neuroscience major at UT Austin. Though I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, I was accustomed to moving frequently to many places, including Ohio, India, and finally, Texas. Growing up in a variety of environments has only heightened my appreciation for the world and, especially, people. This passion for people and healthcare has led me to pursue medicine as a career goal. I believe research is the key with which we can unlock the untold stories of the world. All research plays a crucial role in understanding our place in the world and preparing for an uncertain future. What drew me to Kemp Lab research was the use of the past (who doesn't love looking at fossils?) to prepare for a future of uncertain environmental effects. Of course, I am a lover of nature, and especially feel connected to nature when taking long hikes.