The Kemp Lab studies how biodiversity is shaped by global change phenomena through time and across space.

We integrate paleobiology with ecology, evolution, and conservation to understand extinction, diversification, and colonization dynamics in vertebrate systems.

By studying the past, we understand the present, and prepare for a better future.

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Congratulations Dr. Ledesma!
Congratulations Dr. Balentine!
Congratulations to our InSTInCT Scholars!
New Paper Alert
New Paper Alert!
David post-defense

Dr. David Ledesma successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “Changes in central Texas herpetofauna during the late Quaternary: An examination of lizards and salamanders from Hall’s Cave.” Congratulations Dr. Ledesma!!

Our Values

In our lab, we value and respect all people and the diversity that each person contributes.

  • We define diversity as people of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, beliefs, religions, socio-economic statuses, and more.
  • We bring our full selves into the work that we do, and we are unapologetic about being who we are.
  • We work hard to cultivate a culture of tolerance and honest communication, and we make time to talk about and reflect on our values.
  • Our lab is a safe space where diverse perspectives are valued, uplifted, and confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • We work in magnificent ecosystems across the planet and endeavor to honor the people, plants, and animals of those spaces, past and present.
  • We do not confuse merit and privilege; we are excited by enthusiasm more than academic accolades.
  • We firmly believe that if science is to serve all and be practiced by all, engagement with science needs to start early, and we need to ensure that all young people are given the opportunity to be curious about our world and ponder their place in it.
  • We recognize that as individuals in academia, we are in a privileged position and we do not take this for granted.

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