Isam Ahmed

Undergraduate Researcher


I was born in New York City, but moved to the suburbs of Dallas at five years old. Despite living very close to the city center, I still found ways to integrate nature into my life. Growing up, I enjoyed going to the creek to catch tadpoles, became well versed in backyard chicken keeping, and had my own invertebrate collection, all on top of being in a family that loved going on weekend-long fishing trips and traveling. 

I’m currently a sophomore studying both environmental science and biology, also pursuing an Evidence based Inquiry certificate in an interdisciplinary field revolving around museum studies, collections analysis, and preservation sciences. My research interests reside in the realm of geobiology: understanding Earth processes, how these systems, and global changes, affect the development of life, and connecting the impacts of the bio-geosphere. I’m intrigued in understanding these foundations’ relation to the history of life on Earth, habitability sciences, and astrobiology.

When I’m not busy asking the questions of life, I enjoy long-distance running, reading novels, hiking, swimming in any natural body of water, and collaging.