Peer-Reviewed Publications

* denotes equal contribution

º denotes student mentee

M. Morozº, I.S.C. Jackson, D. Ramirezº, M.E. Kemp. 2021. Divergent morphological responses to millennia of climate change in two species of bats from Hall’s Cave, Texas, USA. Peer J 9:e10856

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M.E. Kemp, A.M. Mychajliw, J. Wadmanº, A. Goldberg. 2020. 7000 years of turnover: historical contingency and human niche construction shape the Caribbean’s Anthropocene biota. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287: 20200447.

A.D. Barnosky, E.A. Hadly, P. Gonzalez, J. Head, D. Polly, A.M. Lawling, J. Eronen, and 34 others [alphabetical], including M.E. Kemp. 2017. Merging paleobiology with conservation biology to guide the future of terrestrial ecosystems. Science 355: eaah4787.

C. Bochaton* and M.E. Kemp*. 2016. Reconstructing the body sizes of Quaternary lizards Pholidoscelis (Fitzinger, 1843) and Anolis (Daudin, 1802) as case studies. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. doi: 10.1080/02724634.2017.1239626.

K.S. Solari, H.K. Frank, L.O. Frishkoff, J.L. Hsu, M.E. Kemp, A.M. Mychajliw, E.A. Hadly. 2016. Opportunity for some, extinction for others: the fate of species in the Anthropocene. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17: 787-813..

M.E. Kemp and E.A. Hadly. 2016. Rocking earth’s biodiversity cradle: challenges, advances, and prospects for conservation paleontology in the tropics. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. doi: 10.1080/02724634.2016.1179640.

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